What you need to learn about Richard Mofe-Damijo Open Letter To His Son Who Just Turned 18

Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, in his series of open letters, has written one to his son who just turned 18 today.

The actor popularly known as RMD took to his Instagram page to share the letter where he showered his son with lots of prayers and admonished him to always make the right choices as he transitions into adulthood.

Here’s the letter

Dear Son




Turning 18 is a big deal as it offers you the freedom and liberty to be your own man but you know you’re never really going to be ever free from me right?

Oh, just ask your Uncles, big brothers, and sister -lol.

I know how confusing the next few years will be for you as you straddle boyhood and manhood at the same time but I hope I have been a good enough father and steered you in the right direction.

I pray for you to be a good man, even when people are not watching, that is INTEGRITY.

I pray that you do deeds that will help others, even if no one knows you did them, that is KINDNESS.

I pray you are quick to share not only what you have, but what you know, that is GENEROSITY.

I pray that you treat everyone as equal, irrespective of their social status, that is RESPECT.

I pray that you remember that every woman is to be treated like they are precious because they all are, that is BEING A MAN.

I pray that you never use your voice or physical strength to intimidate anyone (male/female), that is REAL STRENGTH.

I pray that you’re not afraid to speak the truth, even as a lone voice, that is CONFIDENCE.

I pray you spend only what you can afford, and not be pressured to live for the gram, that is WISDOM.

I pray that you do not glorify crime, drugs, alcohol abuse and other forms of debauchery just to appear cool and lit, that is UPRIGHTNESS.

More importantly, I pray you remember that you’re God’s son and live in ways to make Him proud.

Son, being 18 gives you the right to make choices but it does not absolve you of consequences so be careful the choices you make.

Here’s to an amazing life ahead of you.”

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