Suicide Alert – See the disturbing note left by a soldier man on his instagram page and rained curses on his parents at the end of the note

A Soldier Man with the Instagram handle @chibuisiojukwu has left a disturbing message on his Instagram page earlier today.

Here is the note

May God comfort those who keep me close and regard me
Sometimes destiny is meant to be cut short.

When you meet a dead end
Don’t worry I know hell is my final destination.

I’m really sorry @masterkraft_ @deejayjmasta
@monicafriday1 @theonlychigul
@spicymuzik @falek231 @romeo_amechi @melvin0duah @onyezecharlesmarshal

thanks so much for supporting me at one point in time

I truly appreciate
And lastly the whole members of 68 regular course and Abyssinia Cadets at large

I’m really sorry I have to do this
The did has been done

Just looking for.a perfect place to rest 🤗🤗 I’d miss you @honeyojukwu
Calls are waste of time

I wish I was a Muslim to be buried instantly

Lastly my so called PARENTS. May nothing good come to them!!

I wish you nothing but suffering on earth




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