Monday Motivation — Simple Life Rule.

Being spiteful, hateful, vindictive and jealous will never improve the quality of your life.

‍Rather, you will be a lonely miserable soul living in a world of comparisons and shadows until you realize how alone and unhappy life has become.

A sign of a diseased heart is envying the good that others have been given or have accomplished.

Be happy for them and be even happier for what YOU have.

Indeed the blessings and abundance of someone else may be your destruction and your patience in time of your need your salvation.

God has a forest for you, stop focusing on the tree.


Give it no attention then it will have no power over you .

Many times, it is the attention and energy you put into baseless things that stagnant you not the witches in your village.

Why not learn the power of playing blind .

You can look at things but choose not to see it.

Hear things but choose not to listen.

You smell things and pass but don’t concentrate on perceiving it .

Peace of mind is an act, perfect in it play blind, ignore or block anything that drains you.

It is only what you‏ allow that stays.

Have a fruitful week ahead.

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