Falz You Are A Disgrace To Manhood”- Bayelsa Man Writes Open Letter To Singer For Loosing Simi – photos

Bayelsa Base Singer Songs Writer (RSYOUNG Makellson) Wrote A Letter To Falz, Concerning Loose Of Simi Letter To Falz, Hello!!!! Falz I thought you said you are the bahdquy? A bahdquy can never be so lazy like you are, How can you sat on a chair and allow someone who is not even up to your shoes to push you down,it is a shame to you Falz, you are a disgrace to menhood, I regret ever being a Man , well Thank God am not like you, From the look of things I know how much you love that girl(Simi) But come to think of it oo how can you love someone without proposing to the person, Abi she be stone(Simi)? Falz I had you were busy crying during your girlfriend wedding(Simi)?

“Abeg sorry oooo , but next time no delay oo if not nah me go come marry her oooo, Just take heart no mind Simi you hear? But Simi why did you do this to falz? It is unfair ooh please come back to your bahdquy(Falz) because the quy fit go commit suicide oooh, Falz you are really lazy like your Nigeria Youth’s”.

“You Got the Talent to sing but not To love, please go back to school and learn love portion it will really help you a lot, Bahdguy Now a loser, Don`t worry God will Provide a better woman for you, But stop being Bahdquy Maybe it’s That Name that is affecting your life,maybe I would help you talk to my pastor for delivering you from every spirit of losing, all this is happening to you just because you are a bahdquy, I can still remember your song, bad, bado, baddest”.

“Now Adekunle is Now the baddest quy behind the scene,see your life,like Nigerian, oh I almost forgot you are one of the Lazy Youth’s of Our Country, abeg no come finish me with your bahdquys ooo,no be me do you oo ,nah your girlfriend Simi nah e do you, oooh”.

Just laughing here, what do you think guys ? let’s hear from you, leave a comment below.

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