Do not give up

Sometimes things just aren’t so great. You feel like the whole world is falling down on your head. It’s crushing your brains and its getting hard to breath . You panic and get depressed as a result. You curl up into a ball and sleep for hours so that you don’t have to deal with the challenges waiting for you. You feel like taking drastic decisions like quitting your job and leaving the country. But that is utterly impossible because our lives leave little space for drastic decision. In the real world you have to go to your job and pay your bills. The good news is that there are ways which can help you cope with your mood and make life bearable:

Change your environment

  • Bad behaviors are linked with the environment we are in. For example you tend to stay in your bedroom all day when you are depressed and moody and you trap yourself in your own circle of hopelessness. Leaving your room in those moments makes a huge difference even if that means going to the park or making a small errand outside your house. This creates an interception, a new location to stimulate your brain.

Don’t be ashamed to do things that make you happy

  • Treat yourself to the things that you love. Even if it feels odd to others, like watching your favorite TV show, watching a movie alone in a cinema, reading a book, going to the art gallery. You should always have something you can turn to, to make you happy when things get rough.

Slow down

  • Life is fast paced and when you’re hit with anxiety and stress, there is not much time for you to catch your breath and calm down. Instead of waiting until the moment you crash, try to slow down before hand and get yourself together otherwise your worries will collide into one big catastrophe.

Accomplish something small

  • When you feel like a failure there isn’t much that can make you feel any different. Try to do or achieve little things that satisfy your need to be productive like watering plants, cleaning your room or finishing that painting.

Don’t keep quiet

  • When you’re stressed and depressed, don’t lock yourself in a room alone and feel like there is no way out. Simple conversations can be life changing. Talking to someone like your relative, sister, friend or even a helpline to let them know how you feel or to seek advice makes a huge difference.

You’re not as alone as you think

  • You may feel like everyone has their life together and you’re the only one whose suffering but that is not the case. Just because someone posts an engagement photo with their fiancé, doesn’t mean she is happy and there is nothing bringing her down, she might be working double shifts just to pay the rent of her house, leaving herself tired and worn out. Everybody has it hard, everyone is struggling; try not to compare yourself to someone else. You do you!

Put the focus on something that isn’t you

  • Try to shift your focus from yourself to someone else. Cook a nice dinner for someone, help someone grocery shopping, Tutor a student in school. It not only distracts you from your worries but also reduces isolation and gives you a sense of belonging.

Sometimes, it’s just okay to not be okay. Everyone has down days and it’s completely normal. My point is its okay to feel low sometimes; you should always try and cope with it rather than crawling into that black hole. Try to eat healthy and take care of your body, mind and soul.

Note, that you’re not successful today, that you haven’t arrived yet, doesn’t mean you won’t get there.

Also, don’t be moved by all you see on social media. No one is posting his/her failure. Many people are struggling with one thing or the other, be it health wise, failed relationship, marriage, habits, and so on.. but they are glowing in public..

So whatever the case may be, do not give up. It’s time to rise and rise and rise.

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