Cultivate a commendable character

‘It takes hard work to get to the top but
It takes character to remain there( top)’.

The above phrase is the summary of my points.
Firstly, I want you to examine yourself and your character. Your character is a force, which can be:
Pulling force( bringing people to you) or Pushing force (pushing or taking people away from you).
Some times, we keep praying without checking ourselves. God is interested in our character and attitudes towards others.

That’s why He commanded us to love ourselves. God is searching for people to use and bless. But no matter how curious and desperate God might be in searching, let me shock you that God has standard. He has qualities that He is looking for.

For you to get to the top and remain there, you must cultivate a commendable character. Could it be that your character is the reason why people are not patronizing you?
Could it be that your character is the reason why people are not moving close to you?

As a nurse, doctor, an upcoming artist, entrepreneur, evangelist,.. Hope it is not your character that is stopping you from moving forward?
Those era that people used to be careless with their character and still succeed is over.

Deal with your character now because if you don’t, it will deal with you in the future. Expose your bad characters now, before it exposes you later.
Never try to hide your character, but rather, deal with it and change for the better. Hiding it is just like covering a smoke which will find its way to show.

Here are some positive character traits to cultivate.

Positive character traits are something you can and should develop. There is a core group of character traits that every member of the human family needs to have. People don’t always agree on which six or ten core traits these are. But most experts include traits like :

  • love or caring,
  • respect for life,
  • honesty or trustworthiness,
  • responsibility,
  • justice, and fairness.

These character traits listed above are commendable enough with which one should cultivate.
In this 2019, if you want to go far, make more sales, excel in your endeavours, want to be productive, want things to change for better for you, you have to cultivate a commendable character.

Thanks for reading and God bless.
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