What is Ability?

It means power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially. Also, to have talent, skill or proficiency in a particular area.

What is Availability?

It means present and ready for use.

Do you know that Ability can be derived from Availability.

Spiritually, Ability is embedded in Availability. i.e, when you make yourself available for God to use, the ability will come (power to do or act physically, mentally etc will come).

let’s do little mathematics!!

In Availability, we have ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Avail + ability

Avail means to be of service or to be of use while

Ability means the state of being able

when you make yourself available, the ability will come.

Today, God does not look for the able, he looks for the Available… Note, if you have the ability and you don’t make yourself available, you can’t go far.

Note๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ God is much more interested in the available ones.
If God wants to deliver his people, he doesn’t use the able, he uses the available.

Let’s look at some people that made themselves available!!!

If God wants to deliver you and I, just know that he won’t use the able, he will use the available.

  • Check this out, when God wanted to deliver the Israelites, he didn’t use the able, he used the available. He used Moses because he was available. Do you know the funniest part, Moses was available but not Able. He wasn’t able in d sense that he was a stammerer. Tell me, how can a stammer be a leader? How can a stammerer control thousands of people? Despite being a stammerer, he wasn’t rejected by his people. Why, because he was God’s elect, they didn’t look at his inability. For years, Israelites have been suffering in the land of Egypt and none was able to rise and say, i am going to deliver my people. With there abilities, they couldn’t help themselves. You know why ,it was because they were not available. It was recorded that Moses was a stammerer, Yet he was a great Leader and an Orator. How could this have possibly happened? It happened because he made himself available not minding his inability and God empowered him.

Another example is Jesus Christ.

  • When God saw that there was problem on earth, he wanted to deliver us. He called his angels, told them, who will go to the earth to deliver my people, none answered. And there we have many warrior angels, able and famous angels like Angel Gabriel, Michael etc. None of them stood up. But one angel rose up and said, HERE I AM SEND ME. This angel was Jesus Christ, he wasn’t even famous, we didn’t know his name and his duty then. It was after he made himself available that he was given a name which is above every other names. He completed the mission (the redemption plan), he was highly exalted. All authorities and power belong to him.

What am trying to pinpoint here is that, if we make ourselves available for God to use, no matter our inabilities, imperfections, we will do great exploits even more than the able ones.

  • For you to know that Christ wasn’t able for the mission, right on the cross he said, “Father, if you be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless, not my will but yours be done. Luke 22 vs 42”. Verse 43. And there appeared an angel to him from heaven, strengthening him. He surrendered himself to the end and God Almighty strengthened him.

  • Another case study was that of David. When that giant called Goliath of Gath challenged the armies of Israel that they should choose a man among themselves and let him come down to fight him. They were all terrified and greatly dismayed. see 1sam 17. The philistine presented himself forty days, but none was able to challenge him.David only went to the battle field to give his brethren food as instructed by the father. On getting there, he also heard the words of the philistine that one person should come out and fight together with him. David went to the king and told him that he will go and fight the philistine (Goliath). See 1samuel 17 vs 33, (King Saul said to David, You are not Able to go against this philistine to fight with him, for you are but a youth and he (Goliath) a man of war from his youth). Can you see the king response to David that he was not able. David was not able in the sense that, he wasn’t an army, he wasn’t prepared for the battle and the least was that he was a youth. But David himself doesn’t look at his inabilities, once he made himself available, he believed the battle is of God. The King couldn’t stopped him rather he said, Go and the Lord be with you. He was armed but he couldn’t go with it for he had not tried them before. He wasn’t used to it. He put them off and went just with a sling, a staff and five smooth stones. Goliath despised/looked down on David but at the end, David defeated him just with a stone & it was the first attack. Israelites was able to defeat the philistines because one person made himself available..

In short, Ability is in Availability. After Availability comes Ability. Make yourself Available and you will do great exploits.


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