A beautiful lady lost her life to suicide

Just in, a beautiful lady has lost her life to suicide.
Dear reader, Depression is real, check on your neighbours, friends, interact and help in a little way you can, yes you can save a life, that they post beautiful pictures on facebook do not mean all is well ….
Most are packaging, cover ups, deep down everything look really bad…
A beautiful lady commits suicide, read her last note 👇

Although is touching, but let’s think on where her soul is now and where ours is going to in case. We learn everyday, from bad and from good too.

Depression is bad. But the only way to come out of it is relating your feelings to someone (Two good heads they said are better than one) because, Devil will so close your mind not to relate to anyone so he can rejoice over your death. Just say no to it. Problem discussed is half solved.

Death is never an option to depression, but Devil so make it look like the best option. So it’s left for you to say NO While you relate to someone.

May her soul rest in peace!!

I pray that…..Affliction shall not arise the second time in our lives in Jesus name. Amen.

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Happy new year in advance.

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